Are you thinking, “What is affiliate marketing?” and how to earn money through affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing means earning an amount of money for the generation of prospects or selling a service or product you didn’t design yourself.

Businesses that are smart use affiliate marketers to promote their product to new people and then reward the marketers who helped spread the word by paying them a payment.

To answer your question, yes you can earn money from affiliate marketing. It’s also a good way to earn money! You are able to earn money even in bed.

In this guide of Affiliate Marketing to Beginners we’ll guide you on how to start by utilizing affiliate marketing.

Before we begin our tutorial on how to earn money through affiliate marketing be straight about why you should follow our tips in the first place.

Our company is (humbly) among the best affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Contrary to other wannabe experts, and marketing experts, we actually practice the principles we preach, and have been doing so for a long time.

The CEO of our company, Syed Balkhi, is one of the most prominent affiliate marketers around the globe. We’ve developed and managed a variety of prominent publications that draw millions of users every month. These are the sites you’re most likely familiar with, such as WPBeginner as well as IsItWP.

Let me reveal something about these sites…

They don’t really offer anything.

How do they make money?

Two words: affiliate marketing.

This is why, in this post, we’re ecstatic to show you the EXACT strategies we employ in our own websites to dramatically increase the amount of revenue generated by affiliate marketing.

Before we go too deeply before we dive in, let’s be fully aware of exactly what Affiliate Marketing is, and the ways it could benefit your company.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing occurs when an online retailer offers you a fee for sales or traffic that is generated by your referrals.

It’s basically traditional advertising, but in a more discreet manner. Instead of promoting a product on your website , it’s a way to use images, such as this:

In the meantime, you must be familiar of affiliate marketing:

You can recommend an item or service to your followers via your blog, website or through your email list.

Your followers buy the item or service through an affiliate hyperlink.

You are paid a percentage for sales generated through an affiliate’s link.

Let’s look at the steps in greater specific terms to ensure you understand how to create an affiliate marketing strategy that is successful.

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Let’s first examine two essential things to consider before starting off with affiliate marketing.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate Marketing
What is Affiliate

There are two elements you should know to begin in affiliate marketing:

Create a blog or website within your field of expertise

Select products from affiliate partners to help

Let’s examine each of these in more specific detail:

1. Create a website or blog to target your market

To make money from affiliate marketing very first requirement is an online site.

When it comes time to build your site, there are plenty of choices. We highly recommend WordPress.

With WordPress it is easy to create a professional-looking site within a matter of minutes, even if you’re not a pro at code:

Additionally, WordPress has more tools that allow websites to perform better than other web builders. This means that you will have more features on your website and an improved user satisfaction (UX) to your customers.

If you’re looking to earn money through Affiliate marketing WordPress will be the best best option. Check out these instructional videos if need assistance in creating your site:

Once your website has been built, you’ll have to decide on the products you’d like to promote. This is the second step to start in affiliate marketing.

2. Select Affiliate Products to promote

If you’ve taken the time to pick a topic selecting affiliate products to promote is easy. Pick products that match the niche you’ve chosen and that are compatible with your content.

One of the most effective methods of deciding on the affiliate products you want to promote is by signing up with an affiliate program.

Affiliate networks are organizations that connect affiliate marketers to make more money. Affiliate marketers make use of affiliate networks to create more appropriate product choices to advertise on their websites.

There are numerous affiliate networks on the market However, here are some of the most popularones:

  • ShareASale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • ClickBank
  • Amazon Associates

One of the advantages that affiliate marketing networks offer is that they generally have more information on the effectiveness of a product’s sale. This can be used to use the information to boost the profits you earn from affiliate marketing.

For more details take a look at our article: Earnings Per-Click How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing.

Any time you are able to take data-driven decisions instead of “going by intuition” is a great opportunity to enhance your affiliate program.

Now you’ve got your site created and you’re aware of the products you’d like to advertise It’s time to get into the exact steps to making money from affiliate marketing.

How to Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Now that you’ve created an online presence and have joined an affiliate program, it’s the time to get started making money from your website through affiliate marketing.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Design Content That Produces Affiliate Revenue

To make money through affiliate marketing, the majority of novices simply write some random content and then insert affiliate links in the content.

This strategy could or might not be effective in the long run, but if desire to increase the revenue of your affiliate program it is essential to ensure that your content will be viewed by your intended viewers.

Your ideal customer is someone who would like to purchase an item but isn’t sure whether it is worth the cost.

Sometimes, the buyer might not know what item to purchase to meet their requirements.

As an affiliate marketer it is your responsibility to assist customers find the best product to meet their needs by providing quality content. You can help them make a choice, and then direct to the site of the product to make the purchase.

This means that your content should be geared towards keywords that have an investigational intent which are the type of keywords that your customers use on Google to conduct research on the product they are interested in prior to making a purchase.

For more information to learn more, read our guide to choosing the best keywords.

Step 2. Promote Affiliate Products within the Content

Now you’re aware of the kind of content you’ll create: investigational. The topics you’re searching for focus on your intended viewers who are seeking solutions to the issue they’re confronted with.

After you’ve completed some keyword studies and are armed with your ideas for content now is the time to begin adding affiliate links to your content.

The way you add affiliate links will vary based on the particular piece you’re writing. It’s not logical to include affiliate links for five different products when you’re conducting a review of a product.

However when you’re advertising your “Top 10 Tools to Solve X,” you would be wise to include numerous affiliate links to boost the chances of making sales.

The objective is to position your links as efficiently as you can.

Here are some tips you can employ to make the most your affiliate link’s positioning:

  • Only use a link when it is appropriate: Don’t include affiliate links that doesn’t work with your content. It will adversely impact the UX (UX) and will result in additional sales lost over the long haul.
  • Include links as soon as you can If you’re featuring a variety of items in one article, make sure to include your affiliate products first on the list. The majority of people don’t have enough time reading the entire article. It is important to ensure they are aware of your affiliate links at the start of your article.
  • Make the most of the space you have on your site Use floating bars, banners inline, and sidebar widgets for promoting affiliate products. These can boost the effectiveness of your content and can lead to higher sales over time.

Step 3: Turn Your Visitors Into Affiliate Customers

A major errors rookie affiliate marketing professionals make is thinking they must increase their visitors if they wish to make 10x profits.

Actually, it doesn’t work this way This is a great thing for you.

Let’s say, for instance, you’re advertising the product on your site which will pay you $50 in affiliate commissions for each purchase you sell. Let’s say your conversion rate for affiliates is 2%, which means that for every 100 people you bring to your site two of them will end up purchasing the item.

So you earn a CPC (cost per click) you make is $1 for each click.

(CPC is the term used to describe your total affiliate income or the total amount of traffic you’ve sent)

What if you could bring 2X more people to the affiliate site? In accordance with the CPC value you can double the earnings from affiliates. It’s the best part… it doesn’t mean you do not need to boost the number of visitors to your website. Instead, you can create an optimization strategy for conversion which boosts your profits.

Utilizing a conversion optimization program such as OptinMonster it is possible to increase your profits by turning more of your current visitors into customers who are affiliates. It is without doubt that this is far more effective than vastly increasing the number of visitors to your site.

Here’s how OptinMonster could help you increase your affiliate earnings:

A) Create a Popup Marketing to promote an affiliate product

Love it or not… it’s impossible to simply deny that the pop-ups work!

The creation of a popup is the best method to get your visitors to pay attention to them and turn more of your visitors to affiliate customers.

OptinMonster offers more than 50 pre-designed templates that will help you create the most effective marketing campaign to promote your affiliate products. Then, we provide numerous targeting rules and triggers to ensure that you’re delivering the correct content to right audience at the appropriate time during their journey to the customer.

Option 4: Optimize Current Traffic to generate more revenue

The next step is derived from an approach that is based on something known as “the the 80/20 rule.”

“The rule of 80/20,” as applied to this instance implies that the majority of your earnings are derived from 20 percent from your contents. This is obviously not a exact measure, but the fundamental principle is the same:

Determine your most successful content and set it as an affiliate campaign priority.

If you are aware that the content or post resonates with your target audience You can then develop a targeted marketing campaign using OptinMonster to boost sales from affiliates.

This is a far better strategy instead of rushing to make campaigns for each page of your website. What are the best ways to start?

Log into Your Google Analytics dashboard, identify the pages that are bringing in the most content, and develop specific campaigns to target these URLs.

Step 5: Increase the Affiliate Revenues via Your Email List

Whatever way you think about it no matter what you think, email marketing remains the most effective method to earn income from passive sources. The other options fail in some way.

SEO is excellent until Google alters its algorithm and your rankings fall. Paid advertisements can provide rapid results if you have enough money to fail on to climb the ladder. Even so paying ads require continuous attention and care to ensure high conversion rates.

However, your email address is always yours.

Additionally, it’s populated with people who are interested in your area and who have already engaged with your posts. This indicates that they’re interested in your field and make an ideal potential audience for your marketing efforts with affiliates.

This is the only problem in email marketing: many business owners are struggling to expand their list of contacts to the point that the idea of monetizing makes sense.

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