Zero investment business in India 2023.Investment is needed to start every business, in such a situation there are some people who want to start a business and they do not have money to invest in business, in such a situation, those people Zero Investment Business Ideas Hindi Search on Google Let us tell you for your information that there is no business that does not require investment, you have to invest a little in the beginning and with a little investment you should also have experience in that business, only then you can make such a business successful. can.

Before telling Zero Investment Business Ideas, tell that if you are looking for a business with zero investment, then whatever business you choose, you should have experience. It is connected, let’s know about such business with complete information.

Zero Investment Business Plan Hindi

In business with zero investment, there are some zero investment startup ideas in hindi business that you can start sitting at home, for this you do not have to go out anywhere, nor do you have to spend any money for it. You can start some business offline sitting at home, then you can start some business online with the help of Internet Zero Investment Business Ideas Hindi. So today we will give information about how to start a business without any investment by dividing these 2 categories on the basis of online and offline.

In today’s time, everyone wants to know about a zero investment startup ideas in hindi and there is a wave of startups in India, not only big people but also small people are ahead in starting startup business started from zero. Can give a lot of benefits in future, let’s know about such business ideas.

Some Zero Investment Business Ideas available on Google are not correct on any blog or website. You can also earn a hefty amount by giving it to you.

Fitness Training (Zero Investment Business IN INDIA)

Fitness Training (Zero Investment Business IN INDIA)
Fitness Trainer

In the last 2 years, you must have seen that fear has increased in people due to corona, but with fear, people have understood that if they keep their bodies fit, they automatically get away from diseases. The industry is of 7 lakh crores, it will increase to 10 billion in the next 3 years, the first business ideas are for those who are interested in things like fitness, wellness, yoga, this is a business in which you are doing business but because of this you are giving people You are also making aware about fitness and you can become a good role model in people’s life.

Before starting, you need a certificate with experience, you get a certificate online for free, you can do it both online and offline, you can earn a lot of money from this business, you can start this business by fixing one of your fees. can start

Tiffin service – Zero investment business in india

Tiffin service - Zero investment business in india
Tiffin Service

Many people go to study in other city and go to work in other city, many couples work, they do not have time to cook food, in such a situation, you can start tiffin service business Zero Investment Business Ideas Food is unhealthy at most hotels The type you are getting, means the food of hotels is stale, spicy, spicy, oily tiffin service business model hindi. Due to this type of food, many health related diseases are failing today, so people are demanding a lot for tiffin service. However, under compulsion, they eat food at the hotel or eat it in a disorderly manner at home.

There are many benefits of starting this business Zero Investment Business Ideas like-

This is a low cost and high profit business idea.

  • It is easy and good business for housewife and unemployed person,
  • You can start this business from home without a license.
  • In tiffin service business, you can take good profits from the right and cheap things,
  • Due to its delicious and nutritious food like home, it is in high demand.

Blogging (Zero Investment Business in india Ideas)

Blogging (Zero Investment Business in india Ideas)

Friends, people have changed, the world has changed, the country has changed, technology has changed, but there is one thing that has not changed yet, that is the art of writing, meaning the value of the written words, you can start blogging by making your own website, today any business in this online era. Creating a website is not a difficult task, but it can be made easily, to make it, we should know some basic information, whose information we will give you through this article today. By creating you can also make money and promote your business or service.

A website is a web page that is accessed through the Internet, just like you search anything on Google and whatever results you see are all result websites, all work is done on the website from Google itself, all the websites by Google. Key lists are stored and according to their information they are shown in the search results.

Websites are mainly created by any business, government, organization or person on the Internet. Talking about now, there are millions of crores of websites in the Internet, which have been created by different people. Or you can also create a basic website.

Zero Investment Business in india Ideas- Although there are many options available in the market to create a website, but the main platform for creating a website is two such as:-

WordPress – It takes money to build a website on WordPress, but you can make it your brand and you start seeing its results quickly, so you start earning money quickly and working on it is also very easy to run a website.This is the most popular zero investment bussiness in india

BloggerBlogger is a free service from Google itself, from which you can start a website, it is very easy to create a website on it, but it has to do many things and it takes a lot of time to be successful. .

You have many options to earn money from blogging like;-

  • Earn money by applying google adsense
  • Earn money through
  • Earn money using Ezoic
  • Earn money by doing affiliate marketing
  • Earn money by taking sponsor posts
  • Earn money by guest posting
  • Earn money by giving backlinks
  • Earn money by creating private form

Initially you will not get many students but gradually your network will be formed and after that you can do this business both online and offline, you can earn a lot of money from this business, you can start this business by fixing one of your fees. can. zero investment business in india ideas

Earn money from Youtube ( Zero investment business in india)

YouTube (Zero Investment Business in india Ideas)

How to earn money from YouTube- YouTube is a video platform in which we can make money as well as entertainment and once you start YouTube, then you have to upload videos continuously. Views start coming slowly on your videos. So Google gives you the approval of Adsense, after which you start earning money from YouTube.

zero investment business online in hindi- first you create youtube channel and after that upload videos on your channel being good subscriber after getting views on videos you have to earn money from adsense to earn money from youtube, for this you have to follow some rules You can also see all the information related to it here-  Set up AdSense account, to earn on YouTube Zero investment business in india ideas

Earn money with Facebook watch

Online Business Ideas Hindi- Recently Facebook has started its video streaming service, challenging its competitor like YouTube, Amazon, Netflix like video streaming platform i.e. Facebook has also started a video platform similar to YouTube. Whose name is Facebook watch, in today’s time Facebook has brought a very good news for video creators, this is very good news for those youtubers who were able to earn very little money by uploading videos to YouTube, now they are able to earn very little money from their videos Facebook watch. I will also be able to earn money by uploading because Facebook watch has been started only to compete with YouTube and other video platforms.Zero investment business in india

zero investment business online in hindi- Facebook has launched Facebook watch all over the world on 29th August 2018 last month, in this program, like YouTube, video creators can earn money by uploading their content to Facebook as well. We know that people could put their videos on Facebook even earlier, but earlier videos were not being monetized, but now Facebook has announced that social media creators can monetize their content on Facebook too, so that they can You will get as much money as YouTube. zero investment business ideas

Make money from Affiliate Marketing (Zero investment business in india)

Online Business Ideas Hindi- Affiliate marketing zero investment business idea in india online in hindi understand in simple language, then it is a work in which we work with any person or company to promote and sell its product. Affiliate marketing is mainly done online, for this reason, promoting and selling products in affiliate marketing is also done online.Zero investment business in india

The easiest way to earn money from affiliate marketing is to associate with a company or person and promote its product or service online. Online Business Ideas Hindi

If you sell a product or service by doing affiliate marketing, then you get a commission on it and that commission is your real earning. Online Business Ideas Hindi

You can earn money by selling their products and services online with the help of your website, blog, YouTube channel or facebook, instagram, twitter account. Online Business Ideas Hindi

Start 35+ small and big manufacturing business from 2022 Manufacturing Business Ideas in Hindi 2022 .Zero investment business in india


Earn money from instagram – Zero investment business in india

zero investment business online in hindi- Instagram is a social media platform, through which we can earn thousands of rupees in today’s time, you can earn money from Instagram by increasing your followers, you have many options like earning money from Instagram;-

  • Earn money by promoting someone’s account
  • By promoting the brand…
  • By selling photos…
  • With Affiliate Marketing…
  • By selling your product…
  • By selling Instagram accounts…
  • By becoming an Instagram Account Manager

Zero Investment Businesses in india

If you design a very good website, then this is a golden opportunity for you to earn money sitting at home. Today is the time of internet where everything is being done through internet. Whether it is shopping, ordering food, or anything else, all the work is being done online through internet. In such a situation, companies that have not yet stepped into the online world also want to earn more profit by joining it.

In such a situation, they need a website designer who can design a great and attractive website for them. So that more and more people get attracted and visit their website. In such a situation, if you design a website for those companies, then you will get a lot of benefit. For this, you only have to show your skills, and you get money from it. The special thing is that you do not have to invest anything for this.

Interior Decorator (Zero Investment Business in india )

Nowadays Zero Investment Business Ideas people are very interested in decorating their house. In such a situation, they go to the interior decorator to get their house better designed. If you have this art that you do a great interior design. So you can start business as an interior decorator. In the beginning, you can do this work by putting office at your home itself. So that you will not need to invest anything. And you can charge at least 5 to 10 thousand rupees for the design of a house.

Cooking Classes (Zero Investment Business in india )

If you are expert in cooking and you know how to cook new types of dishes. So you can train people by opening a cooking class. And you can earn your money by taking some fee from them. Because nowadays people are very fond of making new types of dishes. You can help them in this. For this, you can give this training to people by taking 3 to 5 thousand rupees a month (Zero Investment Business in india)

Podcaster (Zero Investment Business in india)

Zero Investment Business Ideas – Friends ever since people are crazy about music streaming applications. Since then the podcast has become very popular. Podcast is a digital series of audio recording that you listen to on a music streaming app. Most of the applications also take their subscription. Which is the source of their income.

There is no subject limit in podcasts. Horror, Culture, Religion, Travel, Books Summaries There are many such things in which people take interest. Nowadays podcasts are being made on them. If you can write well as well as narrate it in any language, then you can also become a podcaster. And you can earn money. (Zero Investment Business Ideas)

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